Design Workshop This Weekend

Our new HQ is within Bootstrap, their new 'Bootyard - think Shoreditch Boxpark, Pop Up Brixton. I got connected with Bootstrap Company,  a community focused affordable workspace, when I joined their social enterprise this time last year. The past 12 months has been a huge step-up for Yemzi, with new international stockists, our first fashion show and several features online worldwide. 

To give thanks to Bootstrap, Peabody, and the local community which supports my continuing growth I plan to run regular workshops from my new studio in the Bootyard! I recently held my first in Hackney for the young Threads girls at Peabody. This was a very exciting project as we made a print design for the US ambassador to the UK, had it digitally printed and the final product was a stunning bespoke waistcoat. 


The workshop this weekend is a little less ambitious and open to all. Come down, get painting, sketching, make something Christmay to take home. Participants will be given a free lunch from Cally Munchy, arrive at 2.45 on Saturday or Sunday!

Yemzi's Bootyard X-Mas Design Workshop

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