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 Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade, Founder of Yemzi

Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade, Founder of Yemzi

Print and Fashion Designer Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade founded Yemzi following the completion of her degree in Surface Design at the University Of The Arts London. 

The first Yemzi ready-to-wear collection (SS16) was presented in 2015, setting the premise for a African inspired, print-led, contemporary aesthetic. Tired of seeing Dutch wax enthusiasts limited by the same designs, Elizabeth-Yemi paints and digitally prints exclusive ethically concious luxury fabrics.

Influenced by a British upbringing with a white foster family in the English countryside, Elizabeth-Yemi's work dreamily reinterprets and recontextualises her newly discovered rich Nigerian culture.

"The darker palette, with the bright contrasting highlights and satin silk fabric combinations radiates a lush and sophisticated ensemble. The print detailing inspired by elements of Yoruba culture, reflecting your skills as a notable textile designer also further enhances the appeal of individual pieces. The sports-luxe, utility, and your signature classic inspired pieces would appeal to girls and women from different walks of life. The collection shows growth and a new maturity to your work."

- Ola Shobowale, Art & Brand Director, Infinite Beauty Factory